1. There are two methods for payment the ads on International Real Estate Alliance –  Alianza Inmobiliaria Internacional (IREA – AII):

income or bank transfer or bank deposit.

Through 2checkout: where you can pay with credit card or Paypal.

2.    Upon receiving the payment, the advertisement will be activated within the next 24 business hours.

3.    Once the payment has been confirmed, a welcome email will be sent, including information to access the panel, where will be located the editing options for the property.

4.    The client support will be done for Email and only will attend technical issues. Once the report has been made, the case will be then solved within the next 48 hours.

5.    When a visitor sees the ad placed, he will be able to contact by the phone number information provided.  If visitor clicks on “More Info” a request message will be sent to the panel control. (The messages will appear within 24 business hours due to the anti-spam filter)

6.    Our property publishing services consist in placing your advertisement in the International Real Estate Alliance and Alianza Inmobiliaria Internacional data base. This way the ad will be able to be seen in any of the websites within the network of the above-mentioned data base, by matching the search criteria and the keywords written on the property search engine.

7.    Your advertisement will be posted on the International Real State Alliance data base for up to 12 months.

8.    Our services cost, only guarantee the placement of the advertisement in the International Real Estate Alliance. Removing the ad, by any reason, before the completion of our service will not ensure any refund. The publishing service you paid has been done by that time.

9.    We do not anticipate the volume of requests that an ad might get. However, the ad will be successfully placed on the International Real Estate Alliance data based.

10.    You will be able display up to 8 images in your ad

11.     Authorized sellers are the only ones eligible to post on the International Real Estate Alliance data based

12.      Ads without the sole purpose of selling an existing property will be removed.

13.     Upon agreeing with our terms and conditions, you accept that the contact information you provided will be shown in your ad. (Being important  possible clients to contact you)