5 Guarantees included in this Service for Real Estates

International Real Estate Alliance and Alianza Inmobiliaria Internacional (IREA-AII GROUP) GUARANTEE that during the service provision, you will obtain the following benefits:


  • Guarantee 1 – Your Properties on Google Page 1
    • The number of annual sales reached by this Plan is a 100% superior to that of the Bronze Plan.
    • This Plan Guarantees that more than 30% of your properties will be listed on the First Page of Google´s Search Results.
    • Our Team of SEO (Google Positioning) Experts will ensure that your Ads will be positioned on Google´s first page.
    • You will periodically receive a report of your Ads’ Google position on search results Page 1. View examples >>
    • In order to verify that your Properties were successfully ranked on Google, you can also perform a search on Google by typing your property´s description. You will see it listed on the First page of Results.
  • Guarantee 2 – Quality and Reputation assigned by Google to our Portals
    • You will be able to view the Quality and Reputation qualification Google has endowed our Portals with.
    • January 9th, 1999 Google creates the PR System or PageRank to indicate the importance and reputation of Websites.
    • All Websites are assigned a numeric qualification ranging from 0 to 10, where 0 is the lowest and 10 the highest.
    • It is possible to check the reputation of any Website simple by visiting ( and inserting the url of the Website you wish to know the reputation of.
    • You will be able to see that Sites with a PR0 – PR2 have a very low reputation. PR3 is an average reputation, PR4 is a high reputation, PR5 is a very high reputation, PR6 is obtained by very few pages and PR7 is reached by sites such as or
    • IREA owns dozens of PR6 Portals, such as,, and, an important quantity of PR5 sites and hundreds of PR4.
    • View more information about our reputation and the Entities that endorse us >>
  • Guarantee 3 – Your Properties Advertised on more than 1000 Real Estate Portals
    • This Plan allows you to advertise up to 500 Properties simultaneously on 1122 Real Estate Websites belonging to the IREA Network. This service is valid for 12 Months.
    • In order to verify that your Properties were successfully listed on the Portals, you can view the list of 1122 Real Estate Portals and then perform a search of a property with the characteristics of the property in the Ad you wish to check on.
    • By doing this, you can check that your Ads are listed Locally, Nationally and Internationally on more than 1000 Websites
    • All Portals have access to the IREA GROUP Property database. Hence, the promotion and the link to Millions of visitors that search weekly in these Portals for properties for Sale or Rent, is Guaranteed.
  • Guarantee 4 – Your Company Included in 400 Real Estate Directories
    • Your Company will be included in 400 Real Estate Directories, together with your Webpage, Logo and Contact Details to enable the prospective clients to contact you directly.
  • Guarantee 5 – Direct Contact with Potential Buyers
    • Your company’s details will be visible in all your ads, thus enabling all Potential Buyers to contact you directly. Guaranteed.
    • Your Properties are daily exposed to 1 Million Potential Buyers that visit our Portals to perform searches for Properties on Sale or Rent.

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