Sell a property with our particular plan

You can already make it possible:  effectively, quickly and the most important: economically. Be an innovative seller and improve your means of communication by providing the customers newer channels and higher reach to a greater number of potential buyers. Can you imagine the high increase of chances while counting with the support of the International Real Estate Alliance?

Particular Plan

Our individual plan is aimed to people who want to sell a property. To do this, we offer features and options from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs and the property information you provide us.

We understand our clients’ needs and expectations, for that reason we have developed a tailor made plan which is valuable and affordable for the ones who intend to rent or sell a property without spending their profits on publicity.


Reasonable Price

With 59€ per year you can hire our Particular Plan. It is a plan which we call “basic” not because it is poor in quality or because it has a low reach. By “basic” we just mean that has fewer features than other plans from our company. Nevertheless, it offers many advantages when compared other Real Estate sites and even the free offers you may get on the internet that are ineffective or fake.


Open Communication

The main benefit of this kind of advertising is availability. Since most people consider Internet as their first option to look for information and to communicate, you will be constantly in touch with potential buyers and other real estate agents who may also be interested. In case they want to establish direct communication with you, they can contact you via e-mail or by phone, because your personal information would appear next to your offer.


Gain Popularity

The Particular plan guarantees the customers that their sale will be shared and promoted all over the web on more than 1 million sites and over 1122 portals where people in the Real Estate business gather to interact and to look for best deals and opportunities to upgrade their selling chances. Besides, Social Networking is not only a modern way of propelling your sales, but also a sophisticated technique to achieve official transactions.


Access the control panel

The International Real Estate Alliance may be the one and only portal which allows you to access the control panel of your own ad, we provide you a username and password when hiring our plan.

The main function of this option is that you can review, manage and monitor the development of your real estate ad on the internet, you can also attach up to 8 photographs and a general description, in order to generate the highest degree of interest in the potential buyers and have an effective performance as a seller.


Experts Advice

When it comes to sell a property it may sound like a very “simple” thing, but as it remains simple it may not become a factual deal. International Real Estate Alliance agents are very valuable and experienced in the marketing and Real Estate field; they would do anything to guide you through the whole process of making it possible, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of the choices you make.


Technical support and customer care

Many years of experience made International Real Estate Alliance understand that one of the most important aspects related to success are human quality, teamwork and helpful response. If you want to contact us for any reason, we have several operators to take your requests, whether it is by our contact numbers or Skype.

Our people will be up to solve whatever inconvenience that may come along, their dedication and from  information, inquiries or re-activating expired service, our technicians and supporting  personal will engage until your problems or doubts are solved.


21st century advertising

Sales on the Internet have become the most effective business as it benefits both, seller and buyer, by communicating through this platform which transforms a tedious process into a genuine experience. It also helps to execute plans faster because it provides solutions to save time and money, the 2 key elements that regularly make sales impossible to achieve.

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