Requirements to advertise for Realtors

The company recognizes and accepts the following:
1- To be authorized by the owner to announce the properties on the web.
2- To have the documentation in rule in agreement with the local laws where it carries out the real estate activity.
3- The information provided and photos of the property are real and belong to the property for sale or rent.
4- The company has verified that the property announced does not break the local law to be sold or rented.
5- In case of failure to comply with any of the preview previous requirements, the announcement will be removed and we’ll contact the Client to regularize the Service.
6- If the failure of comply is repeated, IREA-AII will cancel the Service without any refund.
7- In case of perjury because of failure to comply the Company will be able to ask for a compensation for damages.
8- The client is committed to remove the announcement within 7 days once he sold or rented the property or has no longer authorization.


Technical Requirements to advertise Properties:
You do not need to install any program.
You only need a computer with an internet connection and your user and password to start advertising the properties online.