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5 Guarantees Included in this Service for Real Estates

International Real Estate Alliance and Alianza Inmobiliaria Internacional (IREA-AII GROUP) GUARANTEE that during the service provision, the following benefits will be obtained:

  •   Guarantee 1 – Your Properties on Google TOP 10
    • With this Plan you will have 8 times more possibilities of Selling your Properties in less time than the Silver Plan, thanks to the greater reach to Potential Buyers.
    • This Plan Guarantees that more than 50% of your properties will be listed on Google’s First 10 Search Results.
    • If you Advertise few Properties (e.g. 100 Ads), the GUARANTEED percentage is 100%.
    • Our Team of SEO (Google Positioning) Experts will ensure that your Ads will have an excellent position on Google.
    • IREA´s System sends 800x strength to each of your Ads, to aid them in the Google Positioning process.
    • You will periodically receive a report of your Ads’ Google position in the TOP 10 search results.
    • In order to verify that your Properties were successfully ranked on Google, you can also perform a search on Google by typing your property’s description. You will see it listed on the First page of Results.
  • Guarantee 2 – Quality and Reputation assigned by Google to our Portals
    • You will be able to view the Quality and Reputation qualification Google has endowed our Portals with.
    • January 9th, 1999 Google creates the PR System or PageRank to indicate the importance and reputation of Websites.
    • All Websites are assigned a numeric qualification ranging from 0 to 10, where 0 is the lowest and 10 the highest.
    • It is possible to check the reputation of any Website simple by visiting ( and inserting the url of the Website you wish to know the reputation of.
    • You will be able to see that Sites with a PR0 – PR2 have a very low reputation. PR3 is an average reputation, PR4 is a high reputation, PR5 is a very high reputation, PR6 is obtained by very few pages and PR7 is reached by sites such as or
    • IREA owns dozens of PR6 Portals, such as,, and, an important quantity of PR5 sites and hundreds of PR4.
    • View more information about our reputation and the Entities that endorse us >>
  • Guarantee 3 – Your Properties Advertised on 1122 Real Estate Portals
    • This Plan allows you to advertise up to 5000 Properties simultaneously on 1122 Real Estate Websites belonging to the IREA Network. This service is valid for 12 Months.
    • In order to verify that your Properties were successfully listed on the Portals, you can view the list of 1122 Real Estate Portals and then perform a search of a property with the characteristics of the property in the Ad you wish to check on.
    • By doing this, you can check that your Ads are listed Locally, Nationally and Internationally on 1122 Websites.
    • All Portals have access to the IREA GROUP Property database. Hence, the promotion and the reach to our weekly 8 Million visitors in search of properties for Sale or Rent, are Guaranteed.
  • Guarantee 4 – Your Company Included in 1000 Real Estate Directories
    • Your Company will be included in 1000 Real Estate Directories, together with your Webpage, Logo and Contact Details to enable the prospective clients to contact you directly.
    • A Microsite receiving 8 times more strength with a selection of your Properties for Sale or Rent is also created
  • Guarantee 5 – Direct Contact with Potential Buyers
    • Your company’s details will be visible in all your ads, thus enabling all Potential Buyers to contact you directly. Guaranteed.
    • Your Properties are daily exposed to 1 Million Potential Buyers that visit our Portals to perform searches for Properties on Sale or Rent.

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