Higher reach listing through Social Network


Listing your properties through social networks is a very suitable option where you can often manage your entire business from the seat of your computer chair while connected to an endless supply of potential customers. 

This new service offered by our company is simple: once you hire us, your ad will start running on our 1122 websites related to International Real Estate Alliance , it will display your ad on our official accounts and profiles on diverse social network where we are already a renowned institution. It’s very simple but effective for increasing popularity.



There was a time where you posted and shared tweets that could only reach to your friends and family. If you decide to hire our service, your tweet can now be ” I’m selling my house in Madrid with the International Real Estate Alliance ” including a mention to our official account followed by the link of your ad on the Web, which means that you will be retweeted by us and our readers may find the offer convenient. An interesting fact is that you can promote yourself whether you are using your personal or professional accounts.



The same procedure is applied on Facebook,  post on your wall  and sponsor  yourself  “My house for sale is now available on  the International Real Estate Agency ” including a tag to our official profile or placing a link to your ad with photos . We guarantee sharing your status in our Fans Home Pages, do they can evaluate your sale and properties .


Google +

Bear in mind that each social network provides different options and services you can take advantage of. When it comes to Google Plus, you can include a video where you do a short tour by the most spectacular, appealing and important places of the property. It is a good idea that after the tour, you describe your offer a little.


General Tips

The main goal is to sell your home through social networks. So if you know some people who are considered potential buyers of your property, you can do direct tags on Facebook and mentions on their Twitter account, where you can also incorporate the basic tags as selling property abroad or selling home in Madrid, depending on the city or town where your property is located.

So you can navigate from one social network to another where we agree and conduct strategies directly for promoting your property with us. Remember that in addition to this, our services may vary according to your needs and requirements as a seller.

Another tip you can always put into action is the use of the main announcement that the International Real Estate Alliance has placed on its website. What benefit does this have? Basically, it has to do with the status it gives you to spread your real estate ad enjoying approval from an institution which is renowned worldwide.

This will provide greater confidence to the population of buyers, because it causes a better impact when compared to a joint announcement that could be considered a home publication. Plus, it will be structured according to the real estate listing standards, a search engine for specific features and supported by a professional internet advertising service dedicated specifically to the real estate field.

In conclusion , not only will it be related to  our allied brands on Internet real estate , but also to a variety of social networks , where you will promote frequently , giving greater authenticity to your listing and achieving a significant level of web positioning.


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Now that there is no doubt it will highly increase your chances and opportunities of selling a property with International Real Estate, you may wonder what the following step is.

To hire us, you can enter our website and read all the information available about our plans and services for you to select the one that best suits to your needs. Make sure to take advantage of every opportunity to sell your home via social networking, with our company. From our website, you can also get the phone numbers to communicate with our operators in various countries in which our company offers its services. Our offices you are located in:  Spain, Mexico, England, United States and Argentina.

You will now count with the experience of professionals which have been in the property market on the web for more than a decade; it definitely makes us a unique and completely safe tool to promote your property.