What is the IREA-AII?

IREA-AII International Real Estate Alliance – Alianza Inmobiliaria Internacional is a real estate network of 1122 international real estate portals, providing advertising services to those wishing to sell or rent property.

Each of the 1122 portals offers the possibility of advertising homes anywhere in the world.

When a person or real estate agent advertises a home for sale or rent, it is automatically listed on all of the 1122 real estate portals.

IREA-AII Infrastructure and Resources

The IREA-AII owns 1122 real estate portals.

The IREA-AII uses an exclusive software development called PRE Professional Real Estate, created by MULTIAR.COM, integrating all 1122 real estate websites.

The IREA-AII has 20 dedicated IBM servers of the latest generation.

To ensure 99.999% uptime, the IREA-AII uses four Tier 1 providers: LEVEL 3, AT&T, SPRINT and SAVVIS, allowing optimal performance around the world.

The IREA-AII has a dedicated team of IT experts.

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The IREA-AII human resources team – comprised of computing engineers, experts in web positioning, writers, sales people and customer service representatives – provides worldwide coverage from Spain, the USA, Argentina and India.

The IREA-AII provides assistance via online chat, telephone and email.

Online real estate advertising was becoming very competitive, preventing small and medium-sized estate agencies from attracting buyers through the Internet.

The real estate agencies demanded solutions; they wanted to win buyers locally and internationally via the Internet, at low costs.

This is a common factor on the Internet today: customer demand for high quality services and results, for free or as close to free as possible.

This was a big challenge for IREA-AII.
At first it seemed an impossible task.
The solution took years of development.

The solution took the name of the International Real Estate Alliance (IREA-AII), the world’s largest network of online property-advertising websites, with more than 1122 real estate portals worldwide.

Thanks to the know-how, experience and knowledge gained in specializing in online real estate marketing for more than 10 years, the IREA-AII was strengthened and consolidated in conjunction with specialist programmers, search engine optimization experts, web designers, and marketing professionals.

Today IREA-IIA is the most effective and economical way to publicise a home for sale or rent, with over a million visitors a week on a local, national and international level.