Bronze Advertising Service for Real Estates

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Bronze Plan Description

  • Advertise on 1122 Real Estate Portals. View GUARANTEE details >>
    • This plan allows you to list up to 25 properties on 1122 Real Estate Webpages from Europe, America and worldwide.
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  • Your Company will be listed on 100 Real Estate Directories
    • Your Company and Website will be included on 100 Real Estate Directories.
  • Your Ads are exposed to more than 1 Million visitors per day
    • All your properties listed on our network of 1122 Real Estate Portals will be exposed to more than 1 Million visitors, who perform searches on our Real Estate Sites on a daily basis.
  • Direct Contact with Potential Buyers
    • All Potential Buyers will contact you through telephone, cell  phone, email, messenger or Skype.
  • Through a personal Control Panel you will be able to:
    • Advertise properties; edit, delete Ads, add and delete pictures.
    • Make use of all maps on Google Maps.
    • View statistics of the potential buyers that visit each Ad daily.
    • Check that your Ads are listed on 1122 Real Estate Websites.
    • Make use of the automatic currency converter.
  • Google Positioning Reports
    • You will receive Reports of the Ads’ Position on Google
  • 24 hour Customer Service
    • You can contact us through email or telephone whenever you need to.
  • Professional Advice
    • An Account Executive will ensure you get the best possible results by optimizing your Ad. He will advise you and help you make use of the service in an easy and effective way.

Property Advertising Procedure

1. Register and select a Payment Method (Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer).
2. You will receive an email with your username, password and an explanation on how to access your Control Panel.
3. By logging in to your Control Panel with the provided details, you will be able to start listing your properties.
4. Within the first 24 hours of hiring the service, a Customer Support Agent will contact you in order to assist you.

Should you have any doubts about the service, you can also contact our Technical Support Team through e-mail or telephone >>

NOTE: You do not need to install any software in order to list your Ads. All you need is a pc with Internet access.

Service Fee: 200 Euros for 12 months.

Payment methods: Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer.


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